Saturday, January 10, 2015

im sick of trying to define love

Each time I fall in love again, I have the urge to give Love a new definition.
And that makes me wonder, is love really that inconsistent?

does it change as often as the seasons in New York City?
At some point the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the sun shines bright.

but there are days where the sky is a horrible shade of grey, the water freezes over, and warmth is the only thing on my mind but that seems merely impossible.

love changes, and it'll keep changing
so i put on my raincoat over my sundress and hope for the best.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

four steps to falling in love

1. The first time you see him, it is nothing like in the movies. The world doesn't stop for you nor would the skies be the perfect shade of pink. Everything is as shitty as it was, the sight of a pretty boy won't change a thing.

2. When you first make him laugh; you'll want to put it on replay. 

3. As you start peeling off his shell you realise he's no longer the perfect boy you first encountered. His cracks are starting to show and there are plenty of badly stitched ones from the past. Putting your lips against them won't help. This is not like in the movies, remember?

4. Your heart is now carefully placed within the palm of his hands. Your love for him is deeper than the cuts you found on his chest but it terrifies you how easily he can crack that tiny heart of yours. 

urgh super lame piece i wrote on my phone

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